USC's archival storage faciltiy is located at 1200 Judd Avenue S.W. in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Your records are secured in our vaults, surrounded by solid gypsum rock; 85 feet below ground level. Gordon Gezon created this family-owned and operated business in 1971, currently storing records for over 70% of Michigan's county governments.


Your archival records are stored in a naturally cool, dry, and protective environment. The mine is virtually guaranteed to be free from the risks of leaks, tornadoes, fire, vandalism or theft. Our EPS alarm system further ensures dependable and uninterrupted protection of your records. When initially received from you, every single record is carefully inspected and documented before it is placed in labeled steel storage cabinets in the mine vaults. We store various types of archival records that include microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, CDs, DVDs, and hard drives. We meet and exceed all State of Michigan standards and requirements for archival storage. USC has maintained a legacy of secure protection for archival storage. We provide storage services for numerous states, cities, counties, businesses, courts, churches and libraries.


Please come to visit us soon to see why your critical records are best protected at USC. It is irrefutable that the best solution for storing records is found with underground storage. Tours of our facility and the mine are available on request.

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1200 Judd Ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49509


Mark Fairchild

Muskegon County Register of Deeds

"In October 1973 the Muskegon County Register of Deeds placed in security storage with USC a complete microfilmed record archive of our records from 1859 to 1973. Today we continue to trust USC for our archival security storage, because we know our records are safe and secure."

Justin F. Roebuck

Ottawa County Clerk / Register of Deeds

"We have trusted our microfilm records to Underground Security since 1984. We are confident our records are secure and accounted for in the mines. Our service requests are handled quickly, efficiently and courteously. We are pleased with our association with Underground Security."